Monday, September 26, 2011

Embedded Linux Network Openings - Hyderabad

Experience required for the Job: 3 - 10 years
Annual Salary of the Job: 0.0 - 0.0 Lacs
Job Location: Hyderabad


PrimeSoft IP Solutions is a product engineering services based company. Currently we are recruiting for below Openings with less notice period.
Incase you’re interested you can respond with your resume else, forward this mail to your friends incase, there profiles are matching with below requirements.
Experience: 3+ Years Location: Hyderabad
1. Web Application layer Engineering â€" Web Applications Engineering: The candidate must know the protocol details of HTTP. Furthermore, the candidate must have development experience with open source web programming packages such as Apache, video/multimedia streaming, HTML (static and dynamic) servers, etc. Required skills include downloading, configuring, tweaking, compiling, installing, and debugging the packages. Programming skills include C/C++, scripted languages such as Perl, Python, Tcl, etc. Java knowledge is a plus. Any knowledge of Web Caching techniques is a plus. Linux platform experience is required.

 HTTP, HTML, HTML5 (including video element), Video Streaming, Peer2Peer File Sharing, Local Caching.
 Content Caching, Http Proxy Development, and Application Recognition.
 Knowledge in network attached storage/servers is a plus, as is experience with cisco/juniper routers.

2. Linux Device Driver Development - (Networking Domain).
 Linux Kernel Level debugging skill.
 Device Driver Developed or enhanced such as ETHERNET, UART, SPI etc.
 Experience with PCI, Gigabit Ethernet Device Driver.
 Board Support Package Experience.
 Experience with Multi-Core Multi Thread Architecture.
 Engineers with strong C/Assembly programming skills.
 Experience in Real time S/W development with exposure to RT Linux, VX Works or OSE.
 Comprehension of Intel Architecture.
 Knowledge of kernel networking protocol.
 Intel processor (x86).
 Experience in L2 and IP Packet Processing.
3. Linux Kernel programming: The candidate must have solid experience with modifying, compiling, running, and debugging linux kernel and kernel modules. Development experience with device drivers, file systems, IO system calls, etc is a plus. The candidate must be an excellent programmer in C/C++, and proficient in kernel level debugging techniques and trouble-shooting. Embedded Linux (x86, MIPS, PPC) â€" configuring, compiling, loading, debugging, packaging root file system, open source packages
4. Protocol Stack Development/Porting
 Layer 4 & above: RTP/RTCP, HTTP, H.264, SIP, IMS, Codec
 TCP/IP, IPv4 and IPv6
 IPSec
 EPC/LTE: Mobile IP, 3GPP protocols
 LTE â€" GTP (control and user plane), IPSec, tunneling, knowledge of LTE networks and protocols.
 Transport protocols â€" TCP, UDP, SCTP, RTP, SSL, packet structures and stateful connections
5. Network Processors, EZ Chip, Cavium, Net logic, TCAM, Lucent, Packet Forwarding thru Network Processor -
 Knowledge of Xelerated NPU’s & EZ Chip.
 Comprehension of NPU Architecture.
 Knowledge of TCAM, Packet Processing.
 Exposure on Fast path programming.
 Experience with Multi-Core Multi-Thread Architecture.
 Knowledge of Traffic Management.
Send your resume to or contact me on 040-65351444
Shailaja Punmagar
Executive - Human Resource
PrimeSoft Solutions Inc
Phone: +91-40-23551016/18 / 040-65351444

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